When one will purchase the JioFi router then they will use the address of JioFi.Local.Html for logging in. It will direct you to the page where you will learn how you can log in the router by providing the password and username. All the details that are related to JioFi.Local.Html are discussed in detail below.


How to Manage JioFi.Local.Html ?

For accessing the admin page of the router you will have to fill up the web page address with or JioFi.Local.Html. After accessing the admin panel of the router one will get various options like Wi-Fi network, password, DNS, WAN, LAN, proxy, security options, management, WPS and WLAN settings. One can utilize these options for customizing everything according to their requirements. The company has already launched two hotspot devices after they have introduced the Wi-Fi devices which were very portable. With the help of this device, one is getting the liberty of enjoying their Wi-Fi at high speed wherever they are going.

Manage and set up the JioFi router

Starting from hotspot management, set up to troubleshooting everything will make you confused in the first place when it comes to setting the device properly for using. It will be able to cover all these arenas properly that will help you in smoothening your experience with this router.


Defining JioFi.Local.Html

In order to access the dashboard of administrator, every router will require the IP address that one will use for managing and for configuring the devices of the hotspot. One can utilize the common login IP of the router that is After entering this address you will get escalated to the logging box where you will have to connect to the particular device generating Wi-Fi by providing the password and username.

Once the login is successful you will view the dashboard where you will get several options for configuring and managing the router. These options will include monitoring, managing devices, hotspots, Wifi passwords, SSID, etc.

How to change Jiofi router router password ?

Steps for configuring the JioFi Device

  1. You will have to open the browser and then enter the address JioFi.Local.Html. when you will use the dongle of JioFi you will have to enter Jiodongle.Local.Html.jiofi.local.html
  2. Now you will have to visit the page where you will get the button for login. You will have to start using it as the administrator by entering the password and username.jiofi local html login
  3. Now you will have to navigate to the settings and then select the Wifi for changing the prevalent settings of SSID.
  4. If you want to change the prevailing password then you will have to open the settings and then go to the Wifi option and then to the password.
  5. For changing the device’s username you will have to visit the settings and then go to user management.

Whenever you will face difficulty related to log in then you will have to reset the router of JioFi. You may also have to upgrade the router’s firmware.


How to tether the hotspot device of JioFi to PC?

One can utilize the Wifi signal that has been released by the Jio MiFi or they can also opt for tethering to the PC by utilizing the microSD slot. In the Jio MiFi device, you can find that there is only one slot available for the microSD and that is why every single time you will be able to connect to one PC.

When you will use the micro SD cable for connecting the Jio MiFi devices with the PC it will also help in charging the device along with tethering the internet with greater connectivity. The best part is you will be able to use the USB tethering and Wifi simultaneously.


Access the micro SD card slot by utilizing the JioFi device

  • The first thing will be to insert the micro SD card into the device.
  • Now to enable the account storage you will have to provide the username followed by the password.
  • Now you will be able to access all the files which are stored in the SD card by utilizing the device that will be connected to the hotspot by using Wi-Fi.
  • If you want to see all the data that are present on SD card you will have to enter the address of http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html in the browser.
  • Now you will have to click on the button of wifi disk and then provide the username along with the password that will be visible on another screen.
  • One can easily access all the files which are stored on the SD card. You will also get the flexibility of uploading, downloading and deleting the files present on SD card.


The free offer of jio 4G will end on the 2nd of April 2017:

There are many people who even believed that the free connection of jio 4G will be ending in this period and most of them opted for the jio prime offer for continuing the use of a 4G network of jio. But there was a surprise where reliance has made the declaration that they will be extending that period for another two weeks and will allow free voice call and internet in that period. This declaration was made after looking into the poor reaction from the people in initially. People got more time for thinking about the jio prime subscription.



If you don’t have any 4G devices, but you are still having the wish of utilizing internet then will allow you with high speed and hence it is the perfect option for you. Jiofi Mifi hotspot device has completely changed the lives of many people who want to access the internet on several devices from anywhere at any time. All the above discussions will help you in clearing the doubts related to setting up or configuring the device. All you need to do is put the address link properly followed by username and password for accessing the internet without any hassles.

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